Why Do You Need PDF Password Remover to Unlock PDF Files?

It is good to protect your confidential PDF files with strong passwords. Besides, you need to input the password every time you need to read the document. The password prevents unauthorized users from opening, editing, and printing the files. But, it is annoying for you to enter the password whenever you access the PDF document. Moreover, you have a chance of forgetting the password. In such a case, to overcome this problem, you can use a PDF password remover.

Find the best 10 PDF password removers.

1. Passper

Passper is one of the easy-to-use PDF password remover designed to remove your files' restrictions and passwords. The software relies on CPU acceleration technology to ensure faster recovery of the password. Moreover, the advanced algorithm enables you to recover any type of password, including encrypted ones. The system also stores the progress of the recovery process. Passper is a versatile tool, as it also removes passwords from PowerPoint, MS Word, and RAR files. The program is 100% safe, and there is no risk of data loss.

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a cloud platform helping you unlock your PDF files very easily. You must drag and drop your PDF files to unlock them. The online tool is best for those who prefer not to download the software. Smallpdf takes a few seconds to recover and remove your file's password. Plus, with Smallpdf, you will find several other useful PDF tools to merge split, rotate, compress, and convert the files. The 256-bit SSL encryption technology ensures safe file transfers without any data loss. 

3. Ahead Password Remover

In some cases, you may need to deal with several password-protected PDF files. However, it is time-consuming to crack the password of every document separately. Thus, Ahead is the PDF password-removing solution for them, as it helps you remove passwords of a batch of PDF files. You can copy, print, and edit PDF files after removing passwords. Ahead is a premium tool with a free trial option.

4. iSunshare

You can choose it as a safe and reliable tool to remove PDF encryption. This software is available in Professional and Standard versions. But, the standard one is comparatively slower.
The software ensures easy removal of PDF passwords, and it complies with any PDF format. Due to the advanced algorithms, iSunshare can recover passwords very fast. Besides, you may stop and resume the password decryption process at any time. One demerit of the software is that it doesn't work with Mac computers.

5. PassFab

PassFab is another unique tool with robust functionalities and superb performance. When you have lost and forgotten your PDF passwords, PassFab is the right solution. You can manage restrictions over your PDF files. The intuitive features are very easy to use, and it takes a few steps to remove PDF passwords.

Moreover, PassFab is 40 times faster than other PDF password-removing tools. It is also cost-effective and offers free trials for new users. PassFab presents you with different password recovery methods like Mask Attack, Brute-Force Attack, and Dictionary Attack. 

6. PdfCrypt

Known for easy setup and user-friendly interface, PdfCrypt helps in removing your PDF passwords. You have to choose the concerned files and let the system remove their passwords. PdfCrypt is compatible with Windows PCs of any version. However, it can deal with only 128-bit encrypted files.

7. Recover PDF Password

We have found it as another useful tool to remove PDF password protection. This specially designed tool works with almost any PDF version. The language used in the password does not matter. Restrictions are removable within a few seconds. Moreover, you may check the details of the past recovery process. You can also use multi-core computers to ensure more efficient and faster performance. The software lets you apply different methods for PDF password recovery. For instance, you can start your search by setting the length and symbols of the password.

8. Advanced PDF Password Recovery

It is another PDF lock remover, which relies on the Thunder Tables technology. The PDF password recovery software is designed for multiple purposes. It can recover the password and remove restrictions. Moreover, it lets you copy, print, and modify previously protected PDF files. The program is compatible with any PDF version. As a highly efficient tool, it combines brute force with dictionary attacks to accelerate the process. Using the GPU acceleration technology, this tool recoversPDF passwords within a few minutes.

9. PDF Unlocker

As a highly powerful program, PDF Unlocker is compatible with Windows OS versions to recover PDF file passwords. It is very easy to use the program and uses different methods for password recovery. You can choose between brute force and dictionary password recovery methods. To use the program effectively, you have to install Java on your device. It also recovers the highly encrypted password.
Using the PDF Unlocker, it is easier to identify the password. But, some users have claimed that the program works very slowly. Moreover, while using PDF Unlocker, it can automatically install some other programs.

10. GuaPDF

Although you are the creator of PDF files, you may forget the password. GuaPDFdecrypter is the right solution to help you. The innovative tool enables you to remove restrictions on different PDF files. Thus, you can copy and print the files very easily.

The bottom line

Regardless of the type of encryption and password used for your files, GuaPDF is a reliable option. The performance speed is very high, and the software uses a GPU acceleration process. Another notable fact is that GuaPDF is compatible with any Operating System, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You may also choose the batch mode while managing a large number of PDF files. GuaPDF is unique, as it will not set file limits and time limits after a one-time purchase. The best fact is that there will be no alteration to the PDF file after you have unlocked it.

These are some popular and innovative PDF password removers. You can analyze the detailed features of the PDF password removers and choose the right one for your needs.